Raw data from our workshop

The question we posed in the first and compressed workshop is:
HOW might we create “Nests” right NOW?
“Nests” are spaces for entrepreneurial people to settle down anywhere around the world and to grow their business and their professional relationships. For our first workshop, we focused mainly on vacant buildings that are difficult to market but with potential to become “Nests” for entrepreneurs.

Raw data from our workshop on July 10 after the fold.

3 main criteria

1. Operation of “Nests”:

How could we motivate the property owners to cooperate?

How might we create win-win situation between [owners] and [users]

What might be the financial model of “Nests”?

  • more efficient use of existing buildings
  • micro-nest: symbiosis between a large company and a small group of nest members
  • cultural prestige for micro-nest
  • there’s a risk so there should be a profit making
  • owner manual: success, copy and re-apply
  • publicity for the owner
  • social awareness for the owner
  • discount on services
  • easy access
  • profit from the rent
  • duration of contract related to rent
  • constant supply of users/ Nest members
  • cultural brand
  • cultural diversity
  • cultural prestige
  • [open source: grass root initiative] vs. [enterprise] vs. [central organized corporation]
  • Legal tools
  • Maintenance contract
  • Insurance/ safety
  • the bottom line of rental price

2. Identity of “Nests”

How could we create added values?

How could we create a strong brand but with local differences?

  • nest: normally brakes down in time, decays and is rebuilt easily
  • the niche
  • mediator between users wishes and vacant spaces
  • the incubator
  • space pioneers
  • theme building: starter’s nest
  • branding buildings: nest stickers, nest pass…
  • brand value = rent
  • interaction between international & local
  • decentralize
  • build up expertise
  • open source
  • different tastes
  • sustainable

3. Network of “Nests”

How might we create “Nests” in international cities?

How could we engage an international Nest community?

  • user manual
  • questionnaire for users/ owners
  • open source: find solutions together
  • trust
  • [selection process of tenants] vs. [diverse disciplines/ business]
  • data pool of alternative spaces
  • local reporters
  • voting/ pooling
  • wisdom of the crowd
  • exchange spaces
  • meeting space
  • accounting services
  • collective insurance
  • collective marketing
  • permit: relocation support
  • reciprocity

[in progress…]


2 thoughts on “Raw data from our workshop

  1. Thank you for posting the raw data from your workshop. This, along with the rest of your excellent blog, are very useful for my grad school degree project investigations into more efficient uses of space.

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