China Tea Jelly Town

Chinatown Tea Festival 2009, September 26th, various locations on the Geldersekade, Amsterdam

Delicious jelly buildings are for sale! A food model concept was introduced by two Taiwanese born Amsterdam based architects, Tsaijer Cheng and Changfang Luo , on the Gelderlsekade for the Chinatwon Tea Festival 2009. Jelly buildings made out of 4 tea flavors: including Glodenblossem, Greentea, Rosella, and Blueberry, represented diverse shops and houses on the Zeedijk and the Geldelsekade. Public were invited to buy and eat their own building property for 50 euro cent to purchase their ideal building locations in the Chinatown area.
The concept of the young architects is to invite the public to think about the future urban potentials of the Chinatown area, with the rich mix of culture and nationalities, a neighborhood of diversity can be enhanced through introducing different shops or functions to Zeedjik and the Geldersekade.


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