Nest Project pops up in a shoe store

Scenario: find a free space for a free public event.

At the beginning, our idea was to invite speakers to launch a public debate and to kick-off Nest Project. We started to search for possible event spaces in Amsterdam, including Serieuze Zaken Studioos, Lloyd Hotel, Smart project space, Arcam and etc.. However, they are either too formal, far from the city, schedule doesn’t match…and in general, they are expansive. We decided to launch a free public event and to find a free space.

Eventually we met the owners of a shoe store in Jordan, who were about to launch a closing sell. That was a perfect moment: they liked to draw more potential customers for their final sale and we liked their informal space. This tiny cozy space has inspired us to re-design our event program. Instead of inviting speakers for debates, we invited young starter artists. That evening the shoe store was transformed into a pop-up club, with diverse activities including Nest Project kick-off presentation, film installation and a chill-out club with DJ. The evening has been filmed by Rem Berger (who was then 15 years-old):

Our event has offered the stage for young artists and successfully attracted more customers for the big sell of the shoe store – all have achieved with little budget and no extra advertisement.

event date: November 28, 2008

location: 1e Bloemdwarsstraat 5, Amsterdam

initiated together with: Tsaijer Cheng (Boundary Unlimited)

in collaboration with: Ben Et Ge Ducros (artist and owner of the event space), Huub Bongers (opening speach), Daniele Temperilli (DJ) and Ali Watsen (bartender)


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