Chapan Night

The event is canceled due to the unexpected permit issues. Click here for more details.

Date: Friday November 26, 2010

Time: 18.30 – 20.00

Location: The Pacific Mall, Geldersekade 28

Chapan Night is a 90 minutes celebration of two Japanese artisan in a former Chinese Shopping Mall. Uno Fujisawa and Masaaki Oyamada will pop-up and bring you Japanese street food and art for a delightful early Friday evening.

/////////// about the Japanese artisan

Uno Fujisawa wants to share with you fresh-baked Takoyaki (a luxury salty version of Dutch poffertjes with octopus) to celebrate the one-year anniversary of her catering business Unobento.

Masaaki Oyamada wants to introduce his hand-crafted stamps and invite you to stamp-paint the event space with him.

/////////// about event space

The Pacific Mall was built as a shopping mall but today it is occupied by a barber shop, massage services and some small businesses. While the city is busy upgrading the China Town neighborhood, the shopping mall is currently waiting for a new destination, offering Chapan Night a free space to nest!

/////////// practical info

This event is free of entrance. Drinks will be served and charged in a relaxed price.

There will be limited amount of fresh-baked Takoyaki…so be there on time!

Besides waiting for the snack, you are welcome to participate in Masaaki’s live stamp-painting – enjoy and have fun!!!!!

//////////////// This event is part of the research program of Nest Project and is curated by Changfang Luo.

Nest Project is an on-going research on ‘urban niche space’ combined with public events. The goal is to inspire creative use of space by connecting event initiatives to urban niche spaces.


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