Chapan Night *on the move*

We are sorry to tell you that our event date & location has to change; we are not able to make it on November 26 due to the unexpected permit issue.


Today we got a phone call from the property owner, asking us to postpone the event for two months.


‘Shall we postpone the event for 8 weeks? Do we want to tell our guests that we have to wait for the permit? We just want to celebrate and have fun with our guests, isn’t it?’, we asked ourselves.


We realized that our 90 minutes event will not succeed if the city, the owner or we force it to happen.

It should happen spontaneously.

We decided to continue our journey and find another nest for Chapan Night. We want to find another abandoned location where we can bring it to life with food and stamps. As soon as we find one, we will let you know. If you know any place that can be a nest for Chapan Night, please let us know.

Chapan Night *on the move*…


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