Chapan Mart

We are happy to find a new location for Chapan Night Mart in Formocha, a cozy Chinese Tea Gallery near Haarlemerstraat. This time we create a mini indoor Christmas market to celebrate Christmas and New Year together with you.

In this market, you can find artisan style food, baking, drinks and games – for a relaxed price. There will be LIMITED fresh-made omusubi (Japanese style rice ball) from 16.30. Come and enjoy a delightful Sunday afternoon with some chats, bites, and  handmade baking goods.

Date: Sunday December 19, 2010

Doors open: 15.00-18.00

Location: Formocha, Binnen Dommerst 22/24

//////////about the mini Christmas market venders

1. Amanda Yiu, owner of the Formocha Tea Shop, Gallery and Seminars, will host the event with special selected tea.

2. Bea van den Berg, is a German-born architect, passionate for cooking. She will present “KANSHA” – naturally cooking. Baking specials with MATCHA (special green tea powder). Cooking specials: sushi pinballs / Cabbage sushi’s / Age Dashi sticks with tuna flakes …

3. Marco is a yoga teacher, and at the same time a student of Chinese tea culture.
He will offer surprise drinks.

4. Masaaki Oyamada owner of OneStampinaDay, wants to introduce his hand-crafted stamps and invite you to stamp-paint the event space.

5. Uno Fujisawa wants to share with you handmade OMUSUBI (rice ball) to celebrate the one-year anniversary of her catering business. There will be fortune cookie games – you can play it with friends or buy it as a present.

//////////about the Chinese tea gallery Formocha

Formocha is initiated by Amanda Yiu, who has two store fronts for both her Chinese tea gallery and her barber shop. In a short while, the barber shop will be closed and the tea gallery will be moved to Browergracht. This two store fronts will be available for temporary use: workshop, performance, marketplace, one day showroom…you are welcome to propose any creative temporary use of space!

//////////practical info

This event is free of entrance; doors will be open from 14.00-18.00. Tea, Glühwein, handmade cookies will be served and charged in a relaxed price. Uno will start to make OMUSUBI at 16.30…so be there on time!

//////////This event is part of the research program of Nest Project and is curated by Changfang Luo.

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