why boxXshop?

How can we create maximum benefit by using limited resources of space and investment? boxXshop is created for starter designers and makers who need affordable niche spaces to kick off their new business. boxXshop is also intended to bring together designers and makers who are enthusiastic about creating a community for like-minded people.

>> This picture shows a typical box shop in Taipei, Taiwan.

Today online platform has made selling rather easy, such as Etsy, DaWanda & Craftori & Shopify. ‘If you have a skill, you have an economy.’ At the same time, people are showing an increasing interest to handmade-locally produced produces. This has enhanced the need to meet people in person, thus more and more platforms are based on the neighborhood, helps people to exchange skills or properties and above all, help people to meet each other.

Locally handmade products are limited and unique items; these are usually online-small business which needs only a temporary and small space to promote and to sell. A one-day-shop is thus a perfect platform for these artists, designers and makers to showcase their work and to interact with each others and the potential clients. boxXshop seeks the possibilities to nest in existing spaces and to create temporary shop-in-a-shop.

Another example of box shop


7 thoughts on “why boxXshop?

    • Thanks for your compliment, Wilma!
      I am afraid your lovely plate is not only too big but also above the price limit (products should be under 50 euro).
      I’ll create another nest for your plate in the future…

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