Pop-up! Creative use of urban niche spaces

With this post, I hope to give an impression on the current trend of pop-up initiatives who turn urban niche spaces into temporary attractions. Here you can find international initiatives that take ‘nomadic’ as a strategy (such as Comme des Garçons). You can also discover projects that initiate time-share to intensify the use of space (such as Mission Chinese Food). It is worth-noting that many of them rely with social media (twitter, facebook, RSS…) which keeps their followers/ fans updated about the next surprising event/ location.

////////// Nomadic //////////

Comme des Garçons is the pioneering example of pop-up shops. Launched at unremarkable locations in Berlin/ Glasgow/ Reykjavik/ Helsinki/ Singapore and just to name a few – it has attracted curious crowds by the fusion of high-end fashion brand and the low-tech interior space. The picture above shows a recent pop-up store in Warsaw that has transformed a former fruit and vegetable store in to a temporary retail shop.

Henrik Vibskov – the danish designer launched ‘The 100 days store’ in SPRMRKT Amsterdam, as the first stop for his traveling fashion show/ retail store. Traveling around the major European capitals, each store will be an experiment with spaces and installations. Here you can find an interview about the designer and his initiative.

Op Vooraad is an online artist-collective jewelry shop. It has been traveling to Taipei, Antwerp and now back to Amsterdam. Recently the shop just popped up at Lloyd Hotel Amsterdam for 2 weeks.

Market is by definition a transitional use of street space. Though these days in many cities around the world, there are ‘roaming market’ initiatives. The Amsterdam based Undergroundboerenmarkt is gradually growing its crowd. It takes the ‘guerrilla store’ strategy, using twitter to announce its ‘secret’ location one day before the event.

undergroundboerenmarkt by Nest Project

Ghetto Gourmet welcomes guests to surprising locations, from parking lots to art galleries and private homes. Signed-up guests will be notified about where and when the next restaurant will be.

Spare space creates mobile working stations for vacant buildings, for example, empty schools, warehouses or offices. It contributes positively to the increasing crisis of vacant spaces in the Netherlands; it functions beyond a piece of furniture…I really love what they say here:

‘Real estate managers who want their sparespace filled: please connect us and we fill it with creativity and charisma.’

Kubik is a club made of some 160 conventional 1000-litre water tanks, which can be illuminated and programmed by VJs. It has been launched at Lisbon, Berlin and Barcelona.

////////// Time-share //////////
Mission street food took place at the kitchen of Lung Shan restaurant. Every Thursday and Saturday night, it turned this Chinese restaurant into an attraction by hosting young and start-up chefs. Mission street food is, in fact, more than just a pop-up restaurant. In June 2010, it started a new concept restaurant – Mission Chinese Food – using high-quality ingredients and fine-dining techniques to make Szechuan food (a regional Chinese cuisine), while keeping it affordable, delivering it across the city, and donating a portion of every entry to food bank. Here you can find an extensive story at The New York Times about this pop-up restaurant.

Do you have a desk available at your studio and want to rent it spontaneously? Desktime creates a marketplace for people who have available ‘desks’ and who are looking for a temporary mini working station, in New York, Chicago and Austin.

image sourse: http://www.psfk.com/

The Nightowls are a weekly meet-up of hard-working people with just too much to do for the standard 9 to 5 lifestyle: “the late night, social workaholics, creative beings who tire of the Starbucks scene or lonely home office”.

Do you have spare couch or room? Post it on craigslist and share it with someone! Craigslist is one of the earliest online coach surfer. I have found a perfect weekend bed for a very affordable price – the owner of the apartment was gone for a little vacation so I had the apartment all for myself.

Every Friday evening when most of the museums are closed, van Gogh museum opens its central hall for different events such as dance performances, video projection, live music DJs and live bands.


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