The nest of Ton de Boer

‘The nest of…’ is a new series of stories about the niche spaces for arts and crafts. With this series, we will explore together the exciting, surprising and inspiring stories of people and their nests in Amsterdam.

//////////// Meeting Marjoca de Greef at Ton de Boer, May 2011

Instead of a gallery, Marjoca started a shop called Ton de Boer with both high art and consumer items. I was curious about what has inspired her to create this store.

‘I think art can be more accessible to everyone. In a shop, art can become a daily object/ product instead of being unknown and superior in a gallery’, said Marjoca. ‘Besides, it is hard to survive as a sculptor artist…’

Art can be more accessible…

By chance, she discovered one of those post-squatters’ spaces at Czaar Peterstraat back in 2007. At that moment the rent was rather low, so many other start-up entrepreneurs including Marjoca and Caroline have found their temporary nests here.

‘I didn’t have the idea to start up a store until I saw this space’, Marjoca said. ‘Of course the affordable rent was very attractive, too.’ These years the street has been under rapid renovation, and most of the artists & small shop owners have moved or are going to move.

Ton de Boer is not just an art gallery store; it also offers nest for another two small crafty business: STOP ME and AGAFLO.

Ton de Boer, STOP ME and AGA FLO in the same nest

‘Pity, that was a very inspiring period with all the other artists and crafters’, said Caroline, owner of STOP ME. ‘The atmosphere was like a creative village.’

‘It is important that the city can offer more affordable and spontaneous spaces for people doing arts and crafts. It’s almost impossible for these people to start up in the current real estate market situation. Temporary stores and markets are really great ideas for us and alike’, they told.

Ton de Boer will open its door at the current location until the end of this year, then the renovation will take place. Afterwards, it will have two locations: one as a shop and the other one as a gallery. I am really glad to hear that the store will come back again after the renovation, even though the rent will be twice as much as it is now. When I see Marjoca’s smile, I understand that she’s getting through the start-up period and will continue to throw special artistic vibes in the neighborhood of Czaar Peterstraat!

A small space with a split level: below studio and above retail space

////////////You can find Ton de Boer at Czaar Peterstraat 139, Amsterdam///


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