boxXshop FAQ

The registration is closed. Thank you for your interest.

What is boxXshop?

A pop-up gift shop made of boxes.

Every box is a mini retail store (or a showroom).

When and where?

Thursday evening (Koop avond) – December 1, 2011 at Lloyd Hotel Amsterdam.

What can I sell?

1. Your own handmade arts & crafts.

2. They are delicate and affordable under the price of 50 euro.

3. They are surprising & unique gifts.

Then you are very welcome to participate!

How does my boxXshop look like?

It is a multiplex-framed box: width 68 cm Рlength 35 cm Рdepth 37.5 cm

Want to rent a box? Click here.

How to participate?

You can rent a box to become one of the boxXshop owner. Rent one box is 20 euro (price excl. btw). You can rent maximum two boxes.

This will include:

1. Shop space – beautiful multiplex-made box(es).

2. Publicity – you can expose your work at a great location.

3. PR – we will promote this event for you.

4. Network – you will meet people who share the same interest.

How about the insurance?

All the damages will be at the participants’ own risk.

When is the registration deadline?

To be able to reserve the boxes you requested, we’d kindly ask you to complete the payment by September 1, 2011. These boxes are made and provided by Lloyd Hotel.

How can I complete the payment?

Please send a email with your name, contact info and few pictures of your work to us. We will react to you and provide you further information.

How will boxXshop be constructed?

boxXshop will be assembled collaboratively by all the participants – yes, it is a collective project, and you will get to know your neighbors.

More questions?

Feel free to contact us! Or drop a question at our facebook event page.

Lloyd HotelWith special thanks to Lloyd hotel Amsterdam.


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