From mass production to Home Made.

After recommending many people to watch ‘The century of the self‘, recently I have also revisited it. The first episode, ‘Happiness Machines’, digs into the beginning of our consuming-orientated society, manipulated by ‘the positive propaganda’, namely today’s media and advertisement. Since then, the local production and consumption have becoming more and more dependent on the global production and consumption.

It is especially meaningful for the people in the design industry to review it at this particularly moment, while the system-we-are-used-to is under-going a fundamental change…lots of changes are already visible, such as:
Fast Slow;
Commercial Social;
Factory produce Home Made.

About Home Made, I have to think about the time back to the 60s in Taiwan.
Back then, there were lots of ‘home factories’ where the whole family members making products by hand. Though, it is considered as the history of our economic development, and is becoming marginalized in Taiwanese society. Since ‘Home Made’ is often associated with ‘cheap’ and ‘out-sourcing’, it was suddenly out of date.

A typical scene in the 60s in Taiwan: all the family members participated in the production line.

However in-fashionable it has been, Home Made is surely coming back in the Netherlands! There is an increasing amount of home makers: it is proven by the pop-up gift shop I organized (boxXshop), where a ‘call for hand-made arts and crafts’ was announced in my modest network of facebook and twitter. Surprisingly, the overwhelming reactions were far beyond my expectation…(sneak preview of boxXshop)…

Perhaps it’s the time for me to pay more attention to the emerging home economy: besides Etsy, more and more markets, online application & communities are organized for this emerging group of home makers…Home is, anyway, the best place to start for hand made arts and crafts…

Ps. Let me know if you know other interesting marketplaces & platforms for Home Made. I’d like to keep collecting this information and share with you at Pinterest!


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