Share our house and make a pop-up Bed & Breakfast

Amstel Nest is a newly designed-, furnished guest room in an Amsterdam’s house.

2012 is going to be an exciting year – we are sharing our house by creating a guest room / Bed & Breakfast Amstel Nest. This guest room will be created by using the street- & front-side of our house, which was used to be our dinning area. A ‘breakfast hatch’ (which is a common feature in traditional Dutch houses) is designed to serve breakfast from our kitchen. The room is decorated with specially selected Dutch handmade / design items; guests can also purchase them as souvenirs which are limited edition & 100% handmade!

In this photo, you can see the ‘breakfast hatch’ (which is a common feature in traditional Dutch houses) to serve breakfast from our own kitchen.

‘The suitcase showroom’ is created to decorate our room with Dutch souvenirs and at the same time accommodate locally handmade products.

So how did we transformed our dinning room into a guest room? The construction eventually took 2 months – which was one month extra time than the planning – because we did it all on our own! Here are some photos during the construction process:

Amstel Nest is an important financial support for our independent project – Architecture In Development* – which is still at start-up phase and not yet financially independent. Thus, your stay at Amstel Nest will be meaningful because it’ll contribute and sustain the activities of Architecture In Development*.

You can book Amstel Nest via Wimdu

Architecture In Development* is a non-profit web platform that welcomes everyone to share stories about architecture around the world with a focus on sustainable development.

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