Dear curious readers,

It has been a shameful long time since my last blog post. Yes, there are many reasons, and now I’m going to tell you…

Besides Nest Project, I have been dedicating to Architecture In Development – an initiative that aims to contribute new ways of thinking and working in architecture practice and sustainable development. This is a non-profit & user-generated knowledge platform that welcomes everybody to share information about architecture related to the local contexts. In order to scale our impact, we are busy developing the next platform(s), including a crowdfunding website to make funding easier for the emerging independent architecture practices.

To be financially sustainable, my partner (both in crime and in life) and I decided to create a bed & breakfast (b&b) in our house. Since April 2012, our b&b is up and running and is, in fact, the thankful sponsor for all our independent projects. You can find our b&b Amstel Nest at these websites: Wimdu, Airbnb and Housetrip

In July 2012, my second child Lok was born. In September 2012, I decided to launch the 2nd edition boxXshop supported by Lloyd Hotel Cultural Embassy. Since then, It has been very intense period, and even I haven’t been able to write down some words and share some photos after the event.

So, besides all the above projects: the other big project is Bodie (2yrs old), the big sister of Lok (6mnds old). Together, they have great impact on our life and work, and are currently consuming most of my time.

So how about 2013? I was asked to contribute to another blog as well as another new website initiative; meanwhile I’d like to involve the participants to co-develop boxXshop edition III and make it a real collaborative project…all in all, there’ll be hardly any time for me to contribute to Nest Project’s blog…

Well, let’s see how it goes and please feed me news via Twitter, Pinterest or Facebook related to #TemporaryUseOfSpace #SharingEconomy #CollaborativeConsumption #bottomUp and any cool urban initiatives. I look forward to learn from you!


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