Current and past collaborators:

Amanda Yiu, owner of Formocha (a Chinese tea gallery)

Alexander Zeh, a German interaction designer and lecturer

– Bea van den Berg, a German artisan food produce

– Ben du Cros, a French illustrator

– Huub Bongers, a Dutch expert in squatters’ & anti-squatters’ spaces

– Kaita Shinagawa, a Japanese expert in model making

Masaaki Oyamada, a japanese graphic designer

– Peter Kaptein, a Dutch Flash and C# software developer

– Rem Berger & Daniella Gross, two Dutch film makers

Tsaijer Cheng, a Taiwanese architecture & urban expert

Uno Fujisawa, a Japanese food designer

Consultants & advisers on Architecture and Urban design practice:

Tsaijer Cheng, owner of urban planning office Boundary Unlimited

Jo Barnett, owner of Berger Barnett Architecten

Hein de Haan, expert of redevelopment of used buildings (low price working space) for art production and starting businesses

– Amber Beernink, owner of Amber Architecture


– Changfang Luo (Master of Architecture, Academie van Bouwkunst, Amsterdam) has initiated Nest Project in November 2008. She is currently working on a new initiative ‘Architecture In Development‘.


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